Online Lawn Care Course

The most correct and up to date lawn care information online

  • Do you know the difference between a hollow tine and a solid tine?
  • Do you know which grass types are best for a garden lawn and which are more suited to a professional football pitch?
  • How short should you cut your grass?
  • Or even how and why you should feed your lawn?

If not, you’re not alone!

When the Lawn Association was created, one of our driving forces was to to be able to offer the UK public access to the most correct and up to date lawn care information online. To enable this we realised one of our highest priorities had to be to create a simple to follow and yet comprehensive training course for home owners of all skill levels.

Fast forward 12 months and finally it’s here…

Introducing the Lawn Associations Level 1 Lawn Care Learning Course

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Businesses & franchises please be aware that it is one course per user and not per business.  If you require multiple staff members to complete the course, email us to discuss a bulk discount but users trying to work around it will be removed and will not receive certification. Our professional membership guarantees bulk discount for staff members. 

To log in after checkout, please click the ‘online course login’ at the top of the page, above the menu, enter your username and password and you are taken directly to the course. 

If you experience any trouble, please delete your browser history and log in again, if you log in multiple times without clearing the cache you will experience trouble. 

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