The Lawn Association is an online education platform teaching correct modern, sustainable lawn care techniques. We offer practical in-person training as well as online learning courses to horticultural professionals, home owners and media who would like to learn how to care for lawns in a more modern, sustainable and ethical way.

We have an online shop promoting the very best lawn care products including organic fertilisers and battery- powered lawn equipment and a professional membership to help support people working within the horticultural world.

Online Lawn Care Course

The worlds first fully comprehensive lawn care course. 

Start your journey with us today for £65. 

Professional Memberships

Gain access to our lawn care course, our exclusive buying group and advice from our Chairman, David Hedges-Gower.


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Our selection of unique and innovative products that make sustainable lawn care simple. 

Scarifiers, Knapsacks, Spreaders and Merchandise.

True Garden Range

The only 11-in-1 fertiliser and soil conditioner range that you can use 12 months of the year, 

Bundles and singles available on subscription.


Online Lawn Care Course

Our online course presents a logical journey through all aspects of lawn care - this ensures you acquire a robust theoretical and practical knowledge. AND you can comeback and visit topics at any time. It's easy and convenient!

You simply login and work through the modules at your own pace.

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Do you offer professional lawn care services? We offer support for you and your business.

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True Garden Range 


A true all-in-one eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to chemical based fertilisers. True Garden Range is set to revolutionise how we garden, set your example for future generations and start your sustainable journey now.

True Garden Range

True Garden products are a natural soil conditioner and nutritious fertiliser in one. The True Garden range, being very high in organic matter, will help increase the beneficial bacteria and microbes in your soils, which are critical to growing success.

Created from composted food waste and packaged in compostable and recyclable tubes, True Garden Range offers a ‘true’ all in one eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to the usual chemical based garden fertilisers.

Each tube of the True Range is jam packed with nutritious granules created from an organic stable humus, high in essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and naturally rich in amino, fulvic and humic acids. These organic granules offer a more balanced and controlled release of vital nutrients to your plants and vegetables.

True Grass products

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